22.8.2018 (Day 96: Ross-on-Wye-Llanddeusant):

Already tired from the last few days, we started into a new adventure in the hilly regions of the United Kingdom. After a steep ascent with a beautiful view to the surrounding agricultural cultivation areas, we crossed the invisible border to Wales. Very soon, we recognized the unpronounceable town names and the bilingualism of the very nature oriented part of Great Britain. After a few more ascents, we enjoyed lunch next to a cemetery. After lunch, we struggled with our fully packed bicycles through the narrow ascending and descending roads of the Becon-Beacons-National Park. The vegetation throughout the park changed constantly and impressed us, even tough, the increasing drizzle helped to get our clothes completely wet. At the end of the last incline, we reached more than 300 m of altitude and a dry roof and a refreshing beer waited for us.

23.8.2018 (Day 97: Llanddeusant-Rosslare Harbour):

The last day in Wales started with a long and steep downhill. On the first 40km until Carmarthen, the roads were rather flat and we made good progress. After lunch, we had to climb a number of steep hills. To cycle them down again we had to use the brakes until they almost melted. In addition, the rain got stronger and again we were tested to the limit. As we reached the highest point, we were rewarded with a stunning view over the seaside far below us. From there, the road led downhill to Fishguard. In a pub, we filled our empty batteries and waited until we could board the ferry to Ireland before midnight. After the arrival in Rosslare Harbour at four in the morning, we pedaled the last 6km to the campground and went to sleep.

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