About Us

We are Fabian (35) and Adrian (34) from Buchrain, a small village in Central Switzerland. Already in secondary school, we knew each other. Our mutual travels led us to Morocco, the Baltics and even to Kyrgyzstan.

Even before this project, adventures tempted us repeatedly. In Central Asia, we summited Peak Lenin, which is higher than 7000 meters. The inspiration for the current adventure came during a bicycle tour through the Baltics. After two interesting weeks there, we knew that the bicycle is an ideal mode of transport for us. Why not plan a longer trip then!

Sub-Saharan Africa was new for both of us and therefore caught our interest. Therefore, we planned our route including the western part of this fascinating continent. To discover Europe by bicycle tempted us as well, so we decided to cycle from the most northern point of Europe to the most southern point of Africa.