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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2019)

Eleven months passed already since we left the North Cape in the direction of South Africa. We already cycled more than 17’000km and crossed many countries. The warm up in Europe is over and we are in Africa by now. The fascinating and intensive continent is our home for the moment. Each day we experience new adventures and create wonderful friendships. The generosity, acceptance and friendliness of the locals towards us is overwhelming and difficult to put into words for the people at home. Despite that, we hope our blog and our channels of social media accomplish this as satisfying as possible.

We would like to thank you sincerely for your interest and that you follow our journey. We decided some time ago to extend our adventure a bit, to discover the following countries in more detail. Therefore, we created a profile on Patreon and explain you the concept of this platform in the next lines:

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform of mostly digital content. Artists enable the possibility for followers to simply, direct and regularly transact a self-determined amount to their account. Patreon offers several support possibilities and one can target monthly contributions as well. For this contribution, the so-called Patron can receive a reward or return services in various forms. This can for example be in form of a postcard from Africa or certain privileges regarding our produced content.

Our goal is not to beg for money or that our family, friends or other loyal followers finance our travel to Cape Town. It should be more about offering a platform for people who follow our journey with enthusiasm to cover part of our costs. For a newspaper, Netlix or your favorite magazine you have to pay monthly fees as well and you do so, because you like the content. Since we want to travel longer than planned, we thought Patreon offers an ideal platform for people who would like to support us, even if the amount is small. Another reason are the high internet costs for the maintenance of our blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Even 2 USD per month helps us, since we travel with a minimal budget. The monthly transaction takes only place if we are actively cycling. In case our journey has to be paused or even stopped, all the transactions stop immediately.

Link to our profile

We would like to thank all our friends, acquaintances and family members for their support up to this point and further on, if monetary or not.

In case you have questions regarding Patreon do not hesitate to ask us.

Best regards from Guinea

Adrian und Fabian

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