380.Day: Sulpon-Freetown

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

2nd of June 2019:

Shortly before midnight, a truck stopped next to our tent and the men told us that we had to leave this spot immediately. Before we pitched our tent, we asked the security guard if it would be possible to sleep here. The small road on which we were located led to a reservoir and was the reason why the unfriendly men wanted to get rid of us. When we refused to leave, more people arrived, including two strong men in a military uniform. Finally, we moved all our equipment a few hundred meters away from the private property, so we could finally get some sleep.

Gusts of wind woke us up and we had to hold on to the tent at the same time, so it would not hit us in the face. When we moved the tent during the night, we did not fix the edges of the tent, since we were too lazy. Around noon, we decided to pack up all our material and dry it off in Freetown.

In Freetown, we waited next to a friendly and cute family for our Warmshowers host John to arrive. The young, energetic Canadian welcomed us and told us immediately that Phil and Shantelle invited us for dinner. We met this Canadian couple randomly this morning, shortly before we started cycling. Unfortunately, Fabian did not feel well and had to skip the dinner invitation. The culinary variety and interesting conversations proved once more the great hospitality we experience repeatedly.

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