291.Day: Kanubeh-Janjanbureh

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

5th of March 2019:

Already in the early morning, the nearby ferry port started operating and woke us up for the first time before sunrise. Back on the scorching asphalt, we finally profited from the wind that we cursed daily on the north side of the river.

Shortly before Janjanbureh, called Georgetown before, we wanted to visit the Kunkilling Forest Park, since we heard that there are many types of birds and monkeys. We had problems finding the right way to the mentioned forest area and cycled on smaller and smaller trails in the direction of the river. Surrounded by many thorn bushes and trees, we decided to leave the bike and explore the park by foot. Shortly before we reached the river, red colobus monkeys jumped from one tree to the next. The sun stood at the zenith and burned down on us while we fought back to the main road sweating as if we just visited a sauna. Before reaching the asphalt road, Fabian realized that he had a flat tire, which he fixed immediately.

One and a half hours and three patches later, we reached the old capital of Janjanbureh and refilled our energy reserves. In a shop where be bought bread, Musa, a local with dreadlocks asked us where we want to spend the night. After we told him that we plan to sleep in the bush, he quickly invited us to camp in his garden. Musa’s home turned out to be the perfect camping spot directly on the river.

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