290.Day: Fatoto-Kanubeh

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

4th of March 2019:

Early in the morning, locals collected firewood and anglers checked their nets and baskets in the river, illuminated by the rising sun. A gravel road that was difficult to cycle, led us to the old colonial town called Basse Santa Su. In the extremely lively city, we realized that most homes have a connection to the public power grid again. After a lunch loaded with carbohydrates containing beans, potatoes and spaghetti, we pedaled ten kilometers further before we refilled our water bottles at a family’s house.

The very obliging nature of the people in the Gambia surprises us every day once more. Instead of sending us to the next well, they gave us water from their own back up and even thanked us for that. One of the men showed us the construction of a well that was already five meters deep. A worker transported loosened rubble in a tedious way up to the surface and was full of dirt from top to bottom. A few meters further, we found a trail leading to an idyllic spot directly next to the river where we decided to stay.

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