289.Day: Sutukoba-Fatoto

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

3rd of March 2019:

Before our departure, a secondary teacher visited and invited us to his home to relax. We thanked him for his generous offer, but denied, since we wanted to reach the most eastern point of the Gambia to sleep at the riverside. The gravel road got narrower, we had to climb hills and every time a truck passed us, we were completely full of dust. After we left the cable ferry where the passengers had to pull the boat to the other side themselves, we ate breakfast in the first restaurant since a couple of days and talked with some locals.

Fully energized, we followed a narrow trail along the Gambia River until we found an ideal spot. In the afternoon, we cooled down in the water, observed hundreds of cows drinking and people who went by. Fabian organized dinner in the nearby village, which took quite some time. Thanks to the kind support of half the village, he returned with a donated meal, fruits and breakfast. Before we went to sleep we built a campfire, but the countless mosquitos pushed us into the secure tent quickly.

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