288.Day: Sami Pachonki-Sutukoba

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

2nd of March 2019:

One of the villagers told us last night that he works for a Frenchmen, who offers accommodations nearby. We hardly woke up this morning and the friendly Frenchmen called Eric, visited us and invited us for lunch. With our loaded bicycles, we rode to his paradise just a few hundred meters from where we camped. We were surprised to hear that Eric offers hunting tours in the region and this activity seems to be popular among Europeans. Anyhow, we enjoyed the African-French version of a 3-course meal and the beer with it.

We thanked Eric for his generous invitation and cycled eastwards on the completely new road. During the first few kilometers, we found out that not the road had not completely asphalted yet and we had to accept the rough and dusty road quickly. Fabian did not see a short branch on the road and this piece of wood was stuck between his spokes on the front wheel. The result was a heavy fall. Luckily the front fender was more damaged that Fabian itself and we could continue without problems.

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