286.Day: Sam-Lamin Koto

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

28th of February 2019:

At sunrise all the goats, sheep, ducks, dogs, chickens and Africans in the village woke us up in an ungentle way. It was highly interesting to observe that the small village without any electricity, equipped only with torches lives during the day and as soon as it is dark everyone goes to bed. In the morning, they offered us some self-mashed couscous with water and sugar, like the evening before. We said goodbye to all the villagers with a handshake and waved for a long time, until the hands disappeared behind the branches of the bushes. In Wassu, we took a quick look at the unspectacular stone circles built by a megalith culture in the 8th century.

Around noon, we reached the small village of Lamin Koto from which one can reach Georgetown, the old capital, using a ferry. However, our plan is to cycle further upstream before visiting this city. In a family friendly restaurant, we ate the national dish “Domada” and talked with the very communicative kids returning home from school. Domoda contains meat with lots of rice and a relatively spicy peanut sauce. We bought some more food for the rest of the day and found a shady spot for relaxing and camping under a large tree.

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