285.Day: Kunjo-Sam

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

27th of February 2019:

The strong, dust-containing wind almost blew away our tent during the removal. However, we managed and started our daily routine afterwards. At a small village, we cycled to the river Gambia to see the full size of the important water source for the first time. At this river access, there was even a ferry to the other side and a few food stations, at which we ate our lunch. Out of the arriving ferry came mothers with their children on their back and many farm animals. A young sympathetic ferry mechanic gave us a bit from his fish sandwich to try and told us from his non-paying job. Adrian wanted to give away his jeans since Dakar and offered them to Ibrahim who put them on immediately.

Other cyclists and locals told us we should ask at a village if we could sleep there instead of camping in the wild every night. Exactly this was our plan for today. A small village with three separate parts, without electricity and water only from the local well was our choice. After a few minutes, we realized that nobody spoke English, since only a few kids can go to school, because of missing money. With our hands and feet, we could explain that we did not need a hut and have a tent with us. After countless pictures and games with the kids from the village, the eldest of the village invited us to a portion of couscous.

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