284.Day: Saaba-Kunjo

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

26th of February 2019:

A strong wind from the East woke us up and therefore out of our adventurer dreams. At this moment, we regretted already that we did not mount our tent pegs last night. Despite strong headwind, we made good progress and soon reached a village with a small shop. The whole village noticed the presence of two completely in dust and sand covered Europeans. While eating our breakfast, minimum 30 children joined us and played, shyly looked at us or tried to communicate with us in English. Many of those children ride to school by bicycle and tried to keep up with us to ask what our name is or where we travel.

In Farafenni, we ate chicken with French fries including salad and enjoyed a refreshing soft drink in a fast food restaurant with loud, horrible music. A few kilometers later, we saw a huge tree, used the opportunity to pitch our tent below and relaxed in the shade all afternoon.

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