283.Day: Karang-Saaba

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

25th of February 2019:

The border to the Gambia was only 200m from our overnight and we exited Senegal in no time. A few weeks ago, we met a Gambian in a taxi and kept contact since then. Shocked, we told him that we have to pay 60 Euros per person for the visa for his small country and he promised to help us somehow. This morning, he started travelling to the border at 6 AM in Serrekunda to meet us before noon at the border to help us. Finally, we got our visa for 25 Euros, since he had an old school friend working at the borer who gave us a friend’s discount.

Happy and appreciative about our new stamp in the passport, we started cycling on the roads of the Gambia after having lunch with Oj. As already in Senegal, children screamed “Toubab” (White people) from everywhere and ran towards us. The only difference was now that the next fragments of words from their mouths were “pen” and “money” instead of “stylo” and “argent”. The landscape was suddenly clearly greener and occasionally there were water holes at which herds of cows killed their thirst. At some point, we crossed a huge, several hundred meters wide river that enters into the Gambia River later.

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