282.Day: Mbam-Karang

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

24th of February 2019:

A horse cart and pasturing African cows woke us up this morning. Luckily, the sky was cloudy and therefore the exposition to the sun was not as strong as yesterday. During the consumption of a few breads with chocolate spread, we talked with the villagers, which presented proudly their pink fingers. This coloring meant that they already voted for one of the five presidential candidates for today’s election. Open and enthusiastic as always, the men presented us their favorites.

At the border town Karang, two young men stopped us, which sat together with the police in the shade and asked us where we plan to sleep. They told us that the police closed the border since last night because of the election and invited us to sleep with their family. Thanking, we accepted the invitation, which was not without any business thoughts, ate a delicious dinner with the family, and pitched our tent on the concrete floor of the inner yard.

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