260.Day: Break Day: Nguerigne-Dakar

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

2nd of February 2019:

For breakfast, we had delicious, freshly prepared sardine paste with baguette. The authentic and cute family served another delightful meal with fish and rice to us, before we said goodbye and left in the direction of Dakar. On the way, we changed transports many times and traveled for a ridiculous price for about four hours. As soon as we reached the suburbs of Dakar, traffic increased steadily and soon we were stuck in the middle of the honking, smoky and dangerous traffic jam. Suddenly, we witnessed a street battle near the road, in which two groups were throwing rocks and other things at each other. A local told us under laughter that this is normal and those are football fans of two rival teams.

Hungry and exhausted, we reached Michael and Marie-Julies apartment at which all four of us could stay. Our anticipation for the first “real” shower since a couple of days stopped radically when we heard that all of Dakar was without running water. Together we treated ourselves to an excellent meal at the seaside and recapitulated our eventful journey.


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