257.Day: Break Day: Missira

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

30th of January 2019:

Our host followed us systematically since we arrived in the village and we told him that he is too intrusive. Offended and hurt in his pride, we did not see him until we wanted to leave. To discover the surroundings, we walked a few kilometers along the alluvial area of Saloum Delta and viewed monkeys, crabs and many birds.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a few cool beers in the shade of the oldest kapok tree in Western Africa. The age determination yielded an age of 800 years. The huge roots and branches remembered of pictures of the jungle book.

An emigrated Guinean, who we met during breakfast, cooked a delicious dinner for us. The young father of two, who had the dream to travel to Europe for work like many young Africans, regaled us with his humor and his openness.

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