255.Day: Break Day: Dar Salam-Koungheul

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

28th of January 2019:

With a relatively dust-free car, we started our journey back to Kaolack. Not far from our overnight accommodation, we knew of a second park entrance and asked ourselves if it would be possible to enter the national park free. The River Gambia interrupted the track soon and was not passable. On the way back to the main road, we saw locals equipped with a machete and a long bamboo cane. Quickly it turned out that the men hunt for coconuts and palm leaves. We assumed that they use the long stick, including a hook on one end to harvest the fruits. Far from it! They anchored the hook approximately 15 meters to the top of the palm tree and served as a ladder to harvest the coconuts and their leaves in a risky way.

After the consumption of the fresh coconut milk, we returned to the main road. Suddenly, a knocking noise took us out of our daydreams and turned out to be a flat tire. The remaining air was enough to reach a very small, simple village. We hardly left the car and were surrounded by the whole village. A passing motorcyclist helped us immediately. Unfortunately, we did not know how to remove the spare wheel beneath the car. Therefore, we had to wait for a mechanic from the next city and had enough time to experience the events of the simple village. The mutual interest made it possible to take countless portraits and group pictures. A few girls even went to their huts and put on lipstick made off a red fruit.

Because of the breakdown, we drove into the night and slept in the first accommodation that came along. Even though there was no running water and electricity. The recommendations of the Federal Foreign Office not to drive in the nighttime are not without any reason. A lot of traffic with insufficient to absent of car lights and missing street lamps made the journey to a real ordeal.

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