252.Day: Break Day: St.Louis-Kaolack

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

25th of January 2019:

Through Airbnb, we found a nice accommodation on the Ile St.Louis. The hosting couple gave us valuable tips for our onward travel. After a delicious, long breakfast under palm trees and a last walk through the “Venice of Africa”, we left St.Louis.

The bus station was extremely busy, even in the morning. We fought ourselves through to the “sept-places” and bargained an adequate price for the five-hour journey to Kaolack. The special thing about the bush taxis is that they only leave the station when the owner sold all seven seats. This was the case after another hour. Even a goat found a spot on the roof of the taxi – she seemed not so happy about her situation. Unfortunately, Fabian realized this fact when he got a “refreshment” from the roof of the vehicle, because of a leaking door.

The rather savanna landscape with the naked Baobabs alternated throughout the exhausting journey with green trees and further south through arid landscapes.

During each stopover, countless kids approached us to sell random things or reached out with a beeging hand. “Cadeaux, Cadedaux” from all the little mouths.

Shortly before nightfall, we reached Kaolack, characterized by lots of traffic. In an old and rather rundown hotel, we found a place to stay. Even more, we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the streets of Kaolack.

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