163.Day: Castellfollit de Riubregos-Barcelona

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2018)

28th of October 2018:

The rain stopped shortly before we started and soon we even enjoyed some sunshine. Like on the first day in Spain, we smelt many pig farms and therefore knew where all the Spanish ham is coming from.

After a Halal-kebab, we reached the first suburbs of Barcelona and were surprised why there were no people and cars. Soon, we realized that there was a football game and therefore all the people either on the way to the stadium or at home in front of the television. In the city center, we had to cross thousands of supporters, who blocked all roads and sidewalks. Finally, the FC Barcelona won 5:1 against Real Madrid. In the evening, Fabian met his girlfriend Bettina and Adrian his parents to taste the kitchen of Barcelona.

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